Jennifer Linley Taylor

For Jennifer Linley Taylor, life is art. A native of Northern California, she studied at the Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles before moving to Paris, France, where she was based for over twenty years. Jennifer has a wide variety of interests and has worked as a fashion model, singer/songwriter, small business owner, real estate developer, interior designer, event planner, and mixed media artist – and is now adding a few new layers to her artistic life.
Collage is not only Jennifer’s medium as an artist, it best describes her life. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and in addition to Paris, has lived in Spain, New York, and Mendocino. She’s something of a gatherer, collecting the salvages of her ever-changing surroundings and experiences, ultimately making sense and order of the physical, psychological, and supernatural components of her constantly expanding existence.
She gathers stampings in her cosmic passport much the same way she collects artifacts for her next collage, seeking out the experiences and people that fascinate. In fact, traveling these poles seems to create a kind of magnetic energy that always attracts the person who will catalyze her next project, her next foray into the creative realm.
You are invited to explore Jennifer’s current and past projects that span the creative disciplines, from the studio art that has garnered International honors, to her new projects in writing, music, and film.

Welcome to her world, her life, her art.

“Collage is not only Jennifer’s medium, it best describes her life.”

Mixed Media

Taylor Art

Explore Jennifer’s studio art collection spanning diverse subject matter from jazz to Paris to New York and beyond.

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Unique Vacation Rentals • Design

Creative Spaces

For Jennifer, live/work spaces are just another artform, as she collects found objects and creates walkthrough collages that inspire.

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Shiva Deluxe: a Collaborative Music Project

In 2015, Andre and Jennifer formed the duo, Shiva Deluxe, and are back in the studio, remixing past work and writing new songs.

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Film • Writing

Dilkusha Productions

Chain of Amber is the fascinating autobiography written by Jennifer’s Grandmother, Mary Linley Taylor. Jennifer has launched a production company to bring the book to film and is also writing two books based on her life’s adventures.

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